For some reason or other many people only want show tanks that are shining crystal clear and clean.

This is alright if you are willing to do the work and pay the monetary expenses.  The most economical way to have an aquarium hobby is to try for a more natural cycle of events.  Remember, an aquarium is an artificial environment and you must strive for a workable balance.  The balance must be a variable between natural phenomena and a persons total control.  some folks call such an accomplishment, a happy medium.  Here at Marjorie's we strive for a Happy Medium.  It has seemed to work quite well for many years.

With one small aquarium there is a very limited amount that can be accomplished.  With more aquariums a person can accomplish things more proportionably.  As you increase the size of the aquariums there can be a larger variety of accomplishments.  In some ways an aquarium hobby is much like cooking.  For example, more than one small dish is needed to prepare a magnificently enjoyable holiday feast.  By the same token, more than one small aquarium is needed in order to have a magnificently enjoyable aquarium hobby.

There are however, many distinct advantages that an aquarium hobby has.  The holiday meal is soon gone.  The following holidays the same or similar cost and preparation process is re-enacted over and over again.  However, with an aquarium hobby, it can last for a lifetime.  The cost is very minimal when considering all the accumulative benefits to be derived from an aquarium hobby.

Fresh water aquariums, when properly cared for, provide excellent water for house plants.  It is loaded with wonderful plant food.  It is also of a temperature that does not chill the plant roots.  In addition, the aquariums keep a balance of humidity in the household air.  This reduces the stress of water evaporation through the stems and foliage of your house plants. Aquariums also reduce the need for humidifiers.

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