By Marjorie's Husband

The SECOND AQUARIUM is often misused even more than the FIRST AQUARIUM is. The second aquarium should be used as a supplement aquarium to keep the first aquarium more healthy. This is a very difficult thing to do. The temptation to use it as a regular fish tank for different species or sizes can be very tempting and overwhelming.

There are many complications one must avoid. A good way to avoid such problems is to have a segregation tank for fish not suitable to be with the others. These tanks are often known by other names such as, quarantine, hospital, conditioning, treatment tanks etc.

Taking the suggestions of an accomplished hobbyist into consideration may sometimes be helpful. Conditions vary from aquarium to aquarium. Conditions vary from room to room. They also vary from one residential area to another. It is very important to set up an aquarium for the express purpose of its' intended purpose.

Treating diseased or injured fish in a regular aquarium with the other inhabitants could be harmful to the others. This is sometimes the reason fish die for no apparent reason.

Aquariums receiving standard maintenance procedures do not need to be overdosed. This can happen by medicating the problems of an individual fish in the community tank with it's tank mates. With one or more segregation tanks the proper health procedure for all can be maintained.

If you use the second tank for an excessively aggressive fish, you probably will devote the tank to an aggressive community. You will then need to set up another aquarium and you will be advancing further along in the hobby.

Several tanks set up for the treatment of individual fish is not uncommon. This is a very economical procedure to follow. You purchase fewer replacements due to losses. This will enable you to keep your favorite and hard to get fish much longer. This is especially advantageous if you have high priced fish.

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