The Roaring 20's & Depression 30's

For Marjorie's Husband To Be


Fur, Fin and Feathered Creatures, both domestic and wild, were an integral part of Homer Carter's life in Mariaville Maine.

This will not be in any consistent order of sequence. However the events, happenings and articles of note will be designated a time of relevance.

Goldfish appeared in the Carter household about the fall of 1927.  This was the first fish not native to the wilds of Maine that he had.  Prior to that, Marjorie's Husband to be, kept native fish in small ponds, buckets, tubs, etc.

It was in the spring of 1927 that he was given an Eskimo Spitz puppy.  The puppy was named Gyp.  This puppy lasted through his school years.

Gyp filled the void left by the demise of Kitty.  Kitty had been around since before Homer's birth.  Kitty had produced many kittens over the years.  However, none of them was all that Kitty had been.

Then there was Nancy, the Swiss Alpine goat.  She provided companionship for Gyp.  Gyp was getting along in years and she liked to go out to the spring and the little ponds to drink and to bathe.  Nancy walked out there with Gyp and walked back with her.  Gyp was old and she tired easily.  When she would lay down to rest, Nancy would lay close beside her until Gyp got up to finish her trip.  Sometimes they laid down many times on the trip and during non freezing weather, the journey was made many times

I will sign of for tonight and resume at a later date. 

May your memories be wonderful.

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