Year End of 1999


The demise of the present year (1999) will soon peak out.  1999 will be receding into its own place in the histories of the past.  It will be fresh within our minds for awhile then slowly fade into our minds archives. Occasionally we will be delving into the depths of our minds, hoping for a miniscule re-enactment of something or other. All to soon the past will be way past.  It will probably be considered the dark past along with other past companions.  All the past should be properly considered and used as enlightenments, to enhance the present and future generations.

This short day festival season will host many various trains of thoughts and activities. Some will be grandiose and glorious, while others will be of detrimental horror and destruction.

Let us all have the proper compassion for all.  May we all be thankful that we have the ability for betterment.  It needs to be with great thought and care, that we enhance these abilities and properly apply them.

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