Green Water - Cloudy Water - Algae


I often wonder why so many people with aquariums become so perturbed about these things.  Especially when they are necessary for a successful aquarium hobby.

Perhaps it is because they only want a special individual type of aquarium.  That being the case, the monetary cost will usually be extremely high.

What the aquarium keeper does not want, can make what they do want, become very expensive.  The reason being, some things they do not want, are very essential requirements for the maintaining of their desires.

Here is an example.  You buy milk and others are producing manure in order for you to have the milk to consume.  The manure gets recycled and these residuals are consumed by people and other life forms.  This is essentially a process of similar happenings for your aquarium desires.

If you do not make adequate use of green water, cloudy water, algae, etc; you will pay the cost of its disposal and purchase it all back in some other form.

Do you have the enthusiasm, time and space for a full aquaria hobby, a partial aquarium hobby or a one tank aquarium hobby?  The choice is yours.  Expense, success and satisfaction depends on the procedural choices of how to go about your journey through this endeavor.

Improper choices can be very costly in all phases of aquarium experiences.  It appears the expense of one improper aquarium for most Hobbyist, would cover the full cost of several satisfactory setups.

The consistently erratic cycle of nature is for purposes beyond the apparent comprehension of mankind.  Human endeavors of stabilization are often more destructive than beneficial.  An aquarium hobby can enable a hobbyist of cautious concern, to have a better understanding of nature.

Watch for additions and adjustments to this writing in the meantime have many fruitful aquariums.  

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