Quarantine Tanks In The Aquarium Hobby


Quarantine tanks are a very important part of an economically  successful aquarium hobby.  A hobbyist should consistently keep one or more quarantine tanks in continually readiness.

When bringing aquarium fish home, they should be acclimated to a quarantine tank.  After close scrutinizing and proper care, the fishes are almost ready to be transferred to the intended tank.  the next step is to bring the quarantine tank to the equal condition of the intended tank.  This procedure may take a week or two.  It may take only a few days.  There is much less work and much less monetary expense when done this way.  There is also less fish loss, especially when it comes to your most prized fish.

Now for the big one, you need a separate quarantine tank for each place from which you purchased fish.  You think this is ridiculous?  No it isn't.  It is very necessary to help keep the chance of multiple problems from occurring.

The people considered these hobbyist as tropical fish shops in the State of Maine a few years ago.  Successful hobbyist sold what they raised and bought very little livestock.  They sold complete working aquariums, fully stocked with fish, out of their displays to customers in those days.  Perhaps I should say, to other hobbyist.

The days of yore were days of friendship between Maine's Tropical Fish Shop People.  The shop keepers visited each other and helped each other.  They would even help with customers while they were visiting.

These old times shops were the foundation of their success.  Customers or other hobbyist that followed the same procedures were also successful.  Usually all tanks have fish in them as the quarantine tanks will have fish in them for treatment and conditioning.  Be frugal don't go to extremes.  Have a hobby that is worth more not less.

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