The Past, The present and The Future

Of Aquarium Fish

By Homer Owen Carter, Sr.

January 17, 2000

The aquarium fish of the past varied somewhat from the aquarium fish of today. Since the aquaria days of yore, there have been many different varieties discovered in the wild.  There has also been many created in the past by selective breeding in a captive environment.

The hobbyist of today maybe exclusively caught up in the moment of the day.  If so, they could miss out on much of the glorious grandeur of aquarium enjoyable possibilities.

At Marjorie's, establishing a suitable foundation, on which to build a beautifully glorious aquarium scenery arrangement, is priority number one.  When one has attained this accomplishment, future losses will be at a minimum and success is on its way to your abode.

Come to Marjorie's for a visit.  Discuss your aquaria thoughts, desires, and goals.  Observe, enjoy and garner the abundance of knowledge that is available at Marjorie's.

The accomplishment of today's aquarium  hobbyist will be looked back upon by future generations.  Lets make our successes wonderfully progressive and avoid aquarium beginners doldrums.  Creativeness requires patience.  Patience immunizes against doldrums.  Have you succeeded in eliminating the aquarium beginners doldrums?  Doldrums in the tropical fish hobby, do have a tendency to fodder intermittent enthusiasms.  Intermittent enthusiasm causes broken chains of events, in the aquarium progression cycle. Slow progression is much better then intermittent enthusiasm.

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