Brackish Water Aquariums And Brackish Water Fish


Tanks full of success to all aquaria hobbyist, is Marjorie's prime objective, in the aquarium water world of tropical fish.  How to care for an aquarium varies according to the area of its location.  I hope this will encourage hobbyist to be open minded and cautions in all their endeavors.  It seems for no easily apparent reason, an aquarium will perform differently and require different care techniques, that appear to be unfathomable.

Many aquarium fish seem to benefit when having a brackish water aquarium as part of an aquarium hobby.  Some hobbyist we became acquainted with had only freshwater, some had brackish water and some had saltwater.  There were some people that had all three.

Marjorie has tried all three:  freshwater, brackish, and saltwater.  The major problem is, there is never enough room to have all the aquariums one would like to have.

I think a brackish water aquarium is a great way to prepare oneself for entry into saltwater hobby.  If you have had reasonable success with a freshwater hobby, the transition to a brackish aquarium is very easy.  The cost is somewhat reasonable but, please do not use a small tank.  A fifty-five gallon size would be a good starter.  Marjorie's has had great success with twenty gallon high tanks but they are very restrictive.

There will be more thoughts and suggestions at a later time.  Please phone, email or visit Marjorie's and discuss your aquarium thoughts and desires.

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