Cockatiel Care

This week the big question at the ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION was:

How to care for my Cockatiel?

Here is a brief synopsis of a recently held round table discussions on Cockatiel care.  

The basic diet should consist of a commercially prepared seed or pelleted food for cockatiels. Do not feed them wild bird seed as they are a cage bird. Cage birds can not supplement their diet as a free flying wild bird has a chance to. Wild birds can get a lot of food from out in the wild that cage birds are not privileged to.

The caged bird needs vitamins in the drinking water. They need proper raw fruits and vegetables or suitable substitutes. A cuttle bone or mineral block should also be provided as they will get the calcium and minerals they need. They also need grit for the size cockatiel you may have.

Change food daily to assist in eliminating contamination and rejected foods. If you feed the pet bird a hard boiled egg don't leave it in the cage over 3 hours after boiling. As the eggs spoil quickly, while laying in the cage with the shell broken or cracked.

Place cage out of the full sun and drafts. You may rinse the cage bottom with bleach, but make sure you rinse the bottom with a lot of warm water to get the bleach from the cage.

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