Birds should have access to clear fresh water for bathing and drinking.  They should also have access to clean food.  There are many foods available. It seems most practical to feed birds the food that is labeled for the particular bird you are caring for.  For example:  Parakeet food for parakeets; Finch food for Finches; Cockatiels food for Cockatiels; etc. They also need grit to ingest.  This should be of appropriate size for the type and size of bird.

Birds should have a place of their own in which to stay and use as a retreat when needed.  These are usually called cages and come in various sizes.  The size of the bird, its flight activity and various habitual activities, should be accommodated in not a too restrictive an environment.  Usually this is accomplished by purchasing a cage that is labeled parakeet cage for parakeets; etc.  Then there are flight cages, breeding cages, walk in cages, etc.  These cages are usually called by the name of the bird it is to be used for.

Here at Marjorie's we care for our BIRDS, FISH, REPTILES, AND OTHER ANIMALS in the way we feel is best for all concerned in a captive environment.

MARJORIE AND HER (MARJORIE'S) HUSBAND have a life time of animal and plant experience in the wild, as well as in many various domestic environments.  This has been enhanced by continuously studying for the well being of all things.

Remember, all feed and water dishes should be located in a manner that will hopefully keep the contents from being contaminated by droppings.  Water and feed dishes should be placed so water will not be splashed on the food.  However, this is quite difficult as many birds can really splash around.

At Marjorie's we feel that birds should have food and drinking water at all times because they can and do sometimes throw the food all out and splash the water all out.  This means they are out of food and water temporarily but with regular care, it will be replenished before they have been without for too long a period of time.  There should  be a cuttlebone or a mineral block in the cage at all times.

Cleaning the cage and paraphernalia is really beneficial for not only the health of the bird but it also makes for a growing companionship between the bird and the person caring for the bird. 

It would be nice if all birds could be kept in a cage large enough for a person to walk into and comfortably stand while caring for the bird.  If one should do this, it would be even better if a Breeding cage was placed in the large walk in cage.  This would give the bird a chance for a cozy retreat and if you have a pair (female and male), it would give them a chance to raise a family without anyone else except the caretaker being in close proximity to them.

This walk in cage could be a sort of a glassed in mini room in a corner of your living room.  Make sure the glassed in mini room is well ventilated.  Wire could be used in place of glass.  This would be better in some ways.  However, more cage debris would escape into your living space.

The joy of keeping birds in this manner would be greatly beneficial and extremely desirable.  This could lead to more homes being built and arranged for keeping much of nature in close proximity for mutual benefit.


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