The Big Little Business or Little Big Business

Marjorie Carter, Tropical Fish Road, Canaan, Maine

Is it a big little business or is it a little big business?  Perhaps it is just a tiny-weenie business.  More than likely it is just an enjoyable way of life.  Country living with no end of work and enjoyment.

After checking with parents, other relatives, newspapers, trade publications, postal communiqués, businesses and many other people, it appears to be a way of life.  It has been a life that has fell prey; to the laws, rules and regulations passed and promulgated through the course of many years.

Growing up surrounded by animals was a way of life that was never abandoned.  Lugging animals around as a toddler was often quite the consternation and dilemma of the Parents.

Farm animals of many kinds, including poultry and rabbits, was always in abundance where ever this growing child happened to be.  Not only was dogs and cats in abundance but also many wild animals and birds would frequent this child's play areas.

Many times the Father would use these abundance of creatures as food for the family.  After all, what are farm animals and wild animals for?

Baby animals that were small enough, were hid in a bureau drawer, in a closet and under the bed or elsewhere.  The larger ones were taught to stay out of sight in the woods and bushes.

By the age of ten this child had developed into a tremendous sales person.  Left-overs from the dining table were no longer sufficient for the nutritional sustenance of some of these animals.  Collecting returnable containers and turning them in for refunds was not enough money to purchase the extra feed required by this growing bevy of assorted creatures.  For several years Marjorie had been selling some of her collection of animals to obtain feed for the remainder.

At sixteen years of age, Marjorie added a Husband to her collection.  This was November 26, 1949.  He was Homer Owen Carter of Mariaville, Maine.  Ever since, he has been known as "Marjorie's Husband"

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