The pictures below are taken at my fish room in Canaan, I like to see the babies grow and see what the colors will be in the hatch and it is fun to see how many that you have grown up to larger adults. This is from Marjorie's 


Angel Fish eggs just hatching . They are about to drop to the bottom of the tank. Then they will stay there until they try to swim, to find food.   
Angel fish babies swimming and are starting to look like the angles. 
Angel fish babies. These look like angels at this stage  .The parents of these are angels are marble in color. 
 The angels in this picture are the parents of the babies in the previous pictures above this picture. These angels are marble veil tails.   
This is a pair of gold pearl and marble angels that have bred and have a lot of babies. They are about to lay more eggs.
This is a marble gold angel and has her babies with her and taking care of then. You can see only one of the babies in this picture. But she had a lot more then is in this picture.
This is one of my dark Marble Angels.

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